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1. Object

These general terms of sale were written to formalize our respect of the customer and the commercial transaction. They have the aim of defining the conditions to which offers and sells its products to its customers (except professional customers). We commit ourselves ensuring the reciprocal respect of these conditions.

2. Legal information is the site of the brewery of grandvoir which produces beer Vaurien. Dénomination of the company: KDU.C sprl, la cornée 66, 6840 Neufchateau – VAT: BE 0872 228 453. Legal representative: Geoffroy Dewitte. Publishing director : Christophe Urvoy-Isaac. This site is lodged by: OVH 2 rue Kellerman, 59100 Roubaix – France.

Availability of the products. The products are offered with the sale until exhaustion of stock. For the products not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid subject availability from our suppliers. In the case of an order for a product which is not available, clients will be informed without delay via his clients account available on the site and/or by e-mail as soon as possible.

3. Quantities

Any order placed on our website and delivered in a country of the European Union is subjected to the application of the right and the Belgian taxes. So the purchaser wishing to be made deliver in a country of the EU elects company KDU.C to undertake the removal and the routing of the goods for his account near the carrier of his choice. A individual will not be able to order simultaneously more than 110 liters of beers. The professionals who have an adapted statute are not concerned with this limitation.


The displayed prices for each product are in Euro all inclusive of tax, shipping costs not included. The shipping costs are calculated on the totality of the order. They are applicable during the period of validity mentioned in our commercial offers. KDU.C reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the tariffs in force at the time of registration of the order.

5. Agreement of the conditions

The customer admits having taken knowledge of these general terms of sale at the time of the passage of his order and expressly states to accept them without reserve. The present general terms of sale govern the contractual relations between KDU.C and its customer, with both parties,accepting them unreservedly. These general terms of sale will prevail on all other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary exemption, fast and written.

6. Order

The systems of automatic recording are regarded as being worth proof of nature, the contents and the date of the order. KDU.C will confirm to the customer the agreement of his order by sending of a message of confirmation at the client’s e-mail (indicated on the website), as well as the communication of the order number. The sale will be concluded only as from the sending of the aforesaid confirmation of order. KDU.C reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order of a customer in particular in the event of insolvency of the aforesaid customer or on the assumption of a non-payment of the order concerned or of a former delivery or a litigation relating to the payment of a former order. The mentions indicated by the customer, during the seizure of information inherent in its order engage this one. KDU.C could not be held responsible for the mistakes made by the customer in the wording of the contact of the recipient of the order (addresses delivery, addresses invoicing in particular) and delays of delivery or impossibility of delivering the ordered products that these errors could generate. In the event of change of address, the purchaser is requested to notify it with the customer service of KDU.C. KDU.C cannot in no case to be held responsible in the event of bug data-processing modifying with its knowledge the price of one or more articles and/or the order. The aforementioned company thus reserves the right to cancel an order if the amount were not in agreement with the prices normally (in the usual direction) fixed for the products and/or the expenses of delivery.

7. Proof of the transaction

The computerized registers, preserved in the computer systems of company KDU.C under reasonable conditions of security, will be regarded as the evidence of the communications, the orders and the payments occurred between the parts. The filing of the purchase orders and the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support being able to be produced as proof.

8. Transport and responsibility

By signing the delivery form, the customer accepts the products delivered in the state and as of at the time any claim relative to damage undergone during transport will not be accepted. It is responsibility for the customer to carry out all checks and to do all reserves on arrival of the parcel on the delivery order. All our goods are sent to the consignee’s own risks even if the freight is paid or advanced by us. Is up to your responsibility that belongs to check the contents of the parcel at the time of the delivery and to enter reservations, if necessary, in the following way: you have a 48 hours deadline, with reception of the parcel, to make possible reserves at KDU.C in the event of missing products or for degradation. Within the framework of a breakage, the customer is held to forward of the photographs, either by e-mail (by asking for an opinion of reading), or by mail (Customer service KDU.C, la corneée 66, 8640 Neufchateau) within a period of 48 H with reception of the goods (the postmark being taken).

9. Return of the order

In accordance with article 47 § 1 of the law of April 6th, 2010 relating to the practices of the market and the consumer protection, you have the possibility of turning over, with your expenses produces it within a period of 14 days as from the delivery, in good state and in its packing of origin with the original invoice, for exchange or refunding of an amount corresponding to the value of the product. In the event of return, the customer will have to turn over the integrality of his order in good state without to have used, even partially, the products. KDU.C reserves the right to refuse or not to refund the turned over articles when the packing of the products was opened, the uncapped bottle or when the products were damaged by the customer or at the time of the return. We will refund you as soon as we received the article turned over under the requirements. Expenses of sending incurred to turn over it items will be with your load. The order is to be turned over la cornée 66, 8640 Neufchateau.

10. Loss or flight of the parcel

In the event of loss or theft of the parcel following a problem with the carrier chosen at the time of the order’s passage by the customer, it is imperative to announce it to KDU.C within a reasonable delay. To announce the loss or the theft of the parcel the customer must imperatively join either by e-mail (by asking for an opinion of reading), or by mail (Customer service KDU.C, the cornea 66.8640 Neufchateau) a declaration on the honor of nonthe reception of the parcel. An investigation will then be opened by KDU.C near the carrier. KDU.C will put at the disposal of customer all the relative information at the investigation. The time is of minimum 3 weeks to elucidate the loss or the theft of a parcel and of maximum 2 months. If the loss proves to be real, after result of the investigation near the carrier, KDU.C will proceed either to one second delivery, or with a refunding by having; subject to compensations on behalf of the carrier.

11. Confidentiality of the personal data and banking.

Right of access and of correction In order to meet your needs and to ensure a service remotely optimal, we are brought to record certain elements concerning you (name, first name, address). If you gave of it your assent during the creation of your clients’ account on or a site while rising, you will be able to have to receive, by intermediary KDU.C, of the proposals for other companies or organizations, or to be informed offers KDU.C by telephone, mail postal or electronic. If you do not wish it or more, it is enough for you to write with our customer service by indicating your names, first names and addresses or to modify information concerning you in the page “My Account”. All the banking information which you communicate, at the time of an online shopping, neither are stored, nor visible on Internet. Nobody can intercept information which you send. The procedures of transaction on the site trading of take place with the service provider of highly secure payment: Ingenico – – having its head office in 1200 Brussels. As a security expert of the payments, Ingenico guarantees that the data sensitive are transmitted and stored according to the standards of highest security and quality. thus does not have your banking information: the only information which comes from to us is “yes the payment placed you can prepare the order” or “not the payment was not carried out correctly (error in the seizure or misses funds.) ” The protocol of encoding SSL (Secure Socket Slayer), on which operates Ingenico, ensures the high security of your transactions. Protocol SSL is the protocol of encoding more used in the world (more than 80% of the trader sites). It is entirely compatible with all the browsers. Thus, your banking data (type of map, validity date, number of the credit card and name of the card holder) are transmitted in full safety to our Ingenico bank so that the payment takes place in a completely secure environment, without passing by the waiters of our shop.

12. Invoicing

The customer can consult his invoices via the history of his orders on his clients’ account.

13. Responsibility and applicable law

KDU.C recalls that the alcohol abuse is dangerous for health and that it is not responsible for the consequences of its consumption. The responsibility for KDU.C could not be committed for all the disadvantages or damage inherent in the use of Internet network, in particular a rupture of the service, an intrusion external or the presence of computer viruses, or done everything qualified major force, in accordance with jurisprudence. The offered products are in conformity with the Belgian legislation into force and the applicable standards in Belgium. The photographs, texts, graphics information and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the products presented are not contractual. Consequently, the responsibility for KDU.C could not be committed in the event of error or of omission in one of these photographs, texts or graphics information or characteristic of the products or in the event of modification of the characteristics of the products by the suppliers. KDU.C could not be held for person in charge of the inexecution of the contract concluded in the event of stock shortage or unavailability of the product, major force, disturbance or all-out strike or partial in particular of the postal services and means of transport and/or communications, flood, fire. KDU.C will not incur any responsibility for all consequential damages because of present, trading loss, loss of profit, loss of chance, damage or expenses, which could occur because of purchase of the products. Hyperlinks can return towards other sites that the site “ or if”. KDU.C releases any responsibility if the contents of these sites would contravene into force the legal tendencies and lawful. The present general terms are subjected to the Belgian law. It is thus for the rules of funds as for the rules of form. In the event of litigation or of claim, the consumer will apply in priority to company KDU.C to obtain a friendly solution. In the event of failure of the negotiations, the following provisions will find to apply: Contract concluded by a Belgian consumer starting from Belgium this contract is subjected to the Belgian legislation. Any litigation which has occurred within the framework of the execution or the interpretation of this contract will be carried in front of the jurisdiction of the residence of the defendant or the place of delivery. Contract concluded by a busy consumer orders since another country of the European Union this contract is subjected to the Belgian legislation. Any litigation which has occurred within the framework of the execution or the interpretation of this contract will be carried in front of the courts of jurisdiction under the terms of the directives and regulations of the European Union (in particular Convention of Brussels, September 27th, 1968).

14. Protection of the minors

In accordance with the Convention of May 12th, 2005 control publicity of drinks containing of the alcohol which prohibits the distribution of alcohol to the minors of less than 18 years, the customer commits himself having the lawful age required at the date of the order by notching the adapted box when he places order. KDU.C recalls that the alcohol abuse is dangerous for health and recommends to consume with moderation.

15. Follow-up of the orders

After the placing of order, it will be possible for you to check the state of your order on our site: being prepared, sent to the shipper. Our customer service is of course at your disposal to inform you any information concerning the state of your order.

16. Copyright

All the elements of the website of KDU.C, namely the texts, comments, works, illustrations, images and sounds, are, except public documents and complementary precise details, the exclusive property of KDU.C. They are protected for this reason by the copyright. Any representation, reproduction, diffusion and repeat broadcast, partial or total of the elements of the website of KDU.C, other that at privative purposes, noncommercial or educational, is strictly prohibited and constitutive of counterfeit, except fast and preliminary authorization of KDU.C. This authorization could be withdrawn constantly. Any person wishing to place on her site a simple link or a hyperlink returning directly on the homepage of the website of KDU.C can do it only with prior approval and written KDU.C. This authorization could be withdrawn constantly. KDU.C declines any responsibility concerning the contents for sites related to the website for KDU.C.